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Anti-Rust YardMaster Castleton Metal Shed

A Comfortable Work and Storage Solution

Product Highlights:

  • Rust-free shed with no blistering, swelling or warping
  • Attractive anthracite colour
  • Robust, hot dipped galvanised steel construction
  • Wide, double sliding overlapping doors with lockable handles
  • Sturdy floor frame with rust-free screws
  • FREE anchor kit
  • No painting, rust-proofing or preservative applications required
  • Easy DIY assembly with step-by-step illustrated, multilingual manual
  • 15-year manufacturer guarantee

Product Description

YardMaster’s spacious Castleton Metal Shed offers convenient storage space in your garden or backyard. The roomy interiors make it easy to manoeuvre and store bulky items like your barbeque, garden and play equipment or outdoor furniture. If you are looking to maintain a clutter-free garden or free up space in your home, this YardMaster model is ideal. Should you desire some workspace, the ventilated roof provides additional airflow and comfortable working conditions.

Homeowners across Europe select our Castleton sheds for their sturdy construction and maintenance-free features. Except for the occasional light cleaning, your YardMaster metal shed takes care of itself while providing you with reliable storage in all kinds of weather. The attractive anthracite colour makes a stylish addition to any outdoor area and the premium baked-on finish never requires repainting. A unique 15-year anti-rust guarantee provides enhanced corrosion protection plus our high-quality, hot dipped galvanized steel is also resistant to warping, swelling, blistering and flaking. No rust-proofing or preservative application is ever required and there is no pest or bug damage to worry about either.

Lockable handles fitted with anti-tamper bolts deliver a safe outdoor storage. A free anchor kit is also provided to secure your Castleton metal shed onto any kind of firm and stable surface. Rust-free screws prevent any staining. Made for DIY assembly, you can easily set up your shed with the help of another person within 3 to 6 hours. Extra strong and longer-lasting when compared to similar European sheds, it provides years of trouble-free storage on your residential property.

Advantages of YardMaster Castleton Metal Sheds

  • Available in 6 sizes: 6’x5’, 6’x7’, 10’x6’, 10’x8’, 10’x10’, 10’x13’
  • Great for storage and work: High gables and a ventilated roof make your Castleton metal shed a great storage as well as work area.
  • Long-lasting: Robust construction and premium quality steel account for the longer lifespan of all our metal sheds. Panels are designed with internal bracing on most models for extra strength. 
  • Easy access. Spacious interiors aside, overlapping double sliding doors offer easy access to your stored items.
  • 7 layers of rust protection: The hot dipped galvanised steel is treated with 7 layers of rust protection to prevent corrosion of your garden shed. You do not need to be concerned about blistering and flaking, warping, swelling or denting either.
  • Unique 15-year manufacturer guarantee: We promise to replace free of charge any undamaged panel which has been perforated by rust within 15 years of purchase. Read our YardMaster guarantee for details.
  • Simple DIY assembly: Made for DIY assembly by 2 persons, your Castleton shed can be set up in approximately 3 to 6 hours. Our well-illustrated manual provides step-by-step instructions in several languages; plus we have local helplines to provide any technical assistance you require. Rust-proof screws and a free-anchor kit are also included to secure your shed to any type of surface.

YardMaster’s lasting quality and manufacturer-direct pricing offer optimal value for your investment. There is no currency fluctuation, import taxes or VAT payable on entry to worry about either.

Our well-stocked inventory eliminates lengthy wait times. A dedicated distribution network provides efficient delivery of single as well as bulk orders across Europe.

Should you have a question about delivery, require metal shed parts or need technical assistance with assembly, we have local helplines to assist you.

Purchase your rust-proof Castleton Metal Shed directly from YardMaster.

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