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30 years

Small Metal Sheds

from Europe's #1 manufacturer

Up to 15 Years Manufacturers Guarantee
7 Layersof No-Corrosion Protection
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Emerald Deluxe Metal Shed GEYZ 6x5

Width: 202cm
Length: 137cm
Height: 189cm
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15 year guarantee
7 layers
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Easy-to-Assemble YardMaster Small Metal Sheds

Low-Cost, Quality Storage for Small Yards

Shop YardMaster’s selection of robust small metal sheds to meet your storage needs. For your tools and gardening supplies or winter storage requirements, we have a range of styles and sizes for you to choose from. Neat ribbed walls and roofing combine with subtle colours to provide a sleek and unobtrusive look. A free anchor kit enables you to securely fasten your shed to any kind of firm surface. Made of hot dipped galvanised steel and engineered to withstand rust, warping, and swelling, they last longer than other available brands. Consistent quality spanning over 30 years, has made us the no.1 metal shed manufacturer in Europe.

5 Tips on Selecting the Right Small Metal Shed

  1. Determine your storage requirements: Doing this takes a little bit of effort, but it is worth it. Gather all the items you want to store out in your yard. Then measure around it.
  2. Get a size larger: There is no end to the stuff we accumulate. Once you have a garden shed, it is highly likely that you will want to put more in it than you originally planned. You are also likely to accumulate more things over the years, so think ahead.
  3. Choose the right style: Gabled sheds resemble the sloping roof of many homes and offer more headroom and storage. YardMaster offers a choice of Shiplap, Emerald Deluxe, Store-All and Castleton lines.
  4. Make sure the door opens wide: This makes it easier to put things in as well as take them out. Most of our metal sheds have overlapping; double sliding doors for easy access and to keep out the rain and snow.
  5. Check for roof gutters and ventilation: Roof guttering and ventilation along the roof ridge provides airflow, prevents rain penetration and helps maintain cleaner walls.  All YardMaster models are designed with roof ventilation. However, our Shiplap TBSL range features both roof ventilation and guttering.

Browse our extensive selection of all metal sheds to find the right size for your property. Our well-stocked inventory and dedicated distribution outlets throughout Europe and the UK, ensure timely delivery.

Manufacturer-Direct Pricing and 15-Year Guarantee on YardMaster Small Metal Sheds

YardMaster is renowned for our cost-effective storage solutions. Our manufacturer-direct pricing and lasting quality combine to provide exceptional value over the long lifespan of your small metal sheds. There is no currency fluctuation, import taxes or VAT payable on entry to worry about either.

A unique 15-year manufacturer guarantee gives our clients total peace of mind. We will replace free of charge any undamaged panel which has been perforated by rust within 15 years of purchase. (See our YardMaster guarantee for full protection details.)

Need technical assistance with shed setup, or have a question about parts or delivery? We have local helplines to help.

Purchase your long-lasting small metal sheds directly from YardMaster.

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