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Yardmaster Garage 1017A

Width: 297
Length: 522
Height: 221
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Long-Lasting YardMaster Metal Garages

25% Heavier than Other Metal Sheds

When it comes to metal garages, YardMaster is a name you can trust. Backed by over 30 years of proven quality and performance, each of our products is subjected to stringent testing to ensure optimal service life. High-strength steel makes our garages 25% heavier and stronger than other metal sheds as well as resistant to warping, blistering and swelling. A premium 7-layered protection against corrosion is the reason your shed will be maintenance-free. You do not have to worry about painting or rust-proofing it every year. Whatever size you purchase for your home, your YardMaster metal garage is a smart, long-lasting investment.

Advantages of YardMaster Metal Garages

Being Europe’s no. 1 metal shed manufacturer, our product and service quality is unparalleled. Here are just a few reasons why our metal garages are the preferred choice of homeowners across the continent.

  • High-quality, hot dipped galvanised steel offers 10 times greater rust protection than cheap electro-galvanised steel
  • Resin-coated, silver-coloured, finish provides a neat and sleek roof appearance
  • Premium materials and extra strong construction enhance service life
  • Resistance to blistering, cracking, warping, bug and pest damage makes your garage maintenance-free
  • High gables provide extra ridge height and headroom
  • Ventilated roof has translucent panels to bring in natural light, make it an excellent work and storage area
  • Hinged and lockable doors will keep your vehicle or work tools secure 
  • Stainless steel screws guarantee no rusting or staining
  • Comes with a free anchor kit provided for securing structure to base
  • 10-15-year guarantee on rust perforation

Browse our selection of sturdy metal garden sheds. We have a range of sizes to meet the needs of your property. Our products are always in stock ensuring quick delivery of your order.

Save Money with DIY YardMaster Metal Garage Kits

Our pre-engineered metal garages include everything you need to build your own vehicle storage unit or outdoor workplace. Clearly marked parts and a well-illustrated, multilingual manual make for a satisfying weekend DIY project, which two people can easily handle.

Manufacturer-direct pricing and lasting quality make our metal garages a cost-effective alternative to comparable products. As an ISO: 9001 certified metal shed manufacturer, you can count on our steadfast quality. YardMaster’s unique 15-year manufacturer guarantee demonstrates our confidence in our product and provides you with absolute peace of mind. We will replace free of charge any undamaged panel which has been perforated by rust within 15 years of purchase. (See our YardMaster guarantee for full protection details.)

If you have questions or need technical assistance with assembling your metal garage, call your local YardMaster helpline. We are always happy to help.

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