Fantastically beautiful: garden landscaping from a bird's eye view. © Felipe Santana,

Spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner. Now it is your chance to get your garden back on track. If you have a garden why not put it to good use. The garden is an ideal location to celebrate the children's birthday party, to celebrate an engagement, a recent job promotion or to spend the weekend in nature. Get the most out of your outdoor space with our tips for the ideal plants, garden design and garden sheds. But where to start?

Tip 1: Make a list of your garden concept

In which garden do you like to stay? Natural garden, an easy-care garden without lawn or rather an English garden? Put together a concept, maybe with the help of Pinterest or just with impressions from different magazines.

Tip 2: Choose the right plants

Roses, or orchids, palms or cactuses, which plants are best for your garden? The quality of the ground, as well as the light conditions, are important. Does the sun shine in your garden all day long? If so, focus on plants with a high tolerance for sunlight.

Tip3: Integrate water in your garden

Try something new. Garden fountain, water features, garden pond or swimming pond. Water features would add to your garden and are a charming feature.  

 Tip 4: Protect yourself from new neighbours

Set up a privacy shield so that you can bask in the sun in your own garden undisturbed. Again, your garden concept plays a role. Of course, the layer protection should visually fit into the garden, whether wood, plastic or natural products such as bamboo and tall shrubs and hedges. The possibilities are endless.

Tip 5: Create additional storage space

With the purchase of new garden furniture and lawnmowers, you need a safe and weatherproof storage solution. From tools and gardening to kids' bikes and sports equipment, a Yardmaster garden shed offers a variety of storage solutions.


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